The Path To A Professorship

How to Become a College Professor? | If you would like to become a professor, you have to attain “eligibility for professorship” #BiblicalUniversity

Becoming a professor:

Step 1
Earn an undergraduate degree.
The path to becoming a professor begins with a bachelor’s degree. It is a prerequisite to entering graduate school.

Step 2
Choose a subject to specialize in.
People who want to become professors must choose a subject to teach and begin gaining expertise in that area.

Step 3
Earn a graduate degree.
Hopeful professors must continue their education with a graduate degree.

Step 4
Get post-doctoral experience.
In order to be eligible for professorship, you should obtain post-doctoral experience. This allows you to conduct research and begin to amass a catalog of studies published in academic journals. Have a work history in your field and bring some real-world experience to the classroom.

Step 5
Ask us for advice before you apply.

Want to become a professor?

Teaching experience and skills.
Do you have 5 to 15 years of teaching and mentoring experience in a formal educational setting? Do you have excellent communication and presentation skills and can you be able to explain your subject with clarity and passion? 

Research and publications.
Have you published several peer-reviewed papers, articles or books that show the depth of your knowledge and research? Are you active in researching and presenting recent developments in your field?

What does a professor do?
A college professor may do the following:
• Process student admissions.
• Develop course materials.
• Review and amend existing course materials.
• Teach and supervise students.
• Prepare and conduct examinations.
• Train and mentor students.
• Assist graduate students with research work.
• Conduct research and investigate specific topics.
• Write and publish research reports, papers, articles and books.

Are you interested in becoming a professor?
Submit a letter of intent stating your interest in becoming a professor. 

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