Embracing a new efficient system of learning | By Biblical University

Embracing a new efficient system of learning | By Biblical University

Over the years, in-person learning has greatly dominated the education sector, with online learning being relegated to the periphery. Online learning has been wrongly perceived by some people as inferior compared to in-person learning. To them, it plays second fiddle, and they hold the view that the quality of online classes is low, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Most leading universities in Europe and America embraced online learning several years ago for what it is worth. A closer look, for example, degree courses are offered fully online at Biblical University such as Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and PhD, and our graduates have become reputable and influential leaders in both public and private sectors.

The quality of online learning is equally good (if not better) when well executed. To demonstrate this further, take a look at what happened when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. University students in Nigeria were faced with an unfamiliar choice of either joining online classes or halting their studies all-together until the situation normalizes. Just like their peers at Biblical University, who chose the online classes and went on to finish their studies and even graduated when the University held its graduation ceremony in the midst of Covid-19.

Online learning has democratized education in the sense that students can have access to university education regardless of their geographical locations. In a way, the whole world becomes the catchment for potential students. 

Biblical University has a significant number of international students drawn from countries such as Brazil, UK, South Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cameron, Uganda and many more, thanks to a versatile Learning Management System that has made online learning at Biblical University affordable, more flexible, and super convenient for students. “The rigours of online learning truly sharpen our students’ capability for the independent pursuit of knowledge and understanding”

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